Our Journey

The story of how Bug and Bean Freshies started and where we are going!

How Hard Could It Be?

Bug and Bean Freshies started because our very own boutique customers loved freshies but we were unable to find a supplier that could meet our boutique's specific needs. Often we would be limited on scents and designs that we could offer our customers and also left with extra inventory that wasn’t selling. Frustrated by the lack of supply options for one of our best-selling products, we decided to try our hand at making some freshies ourselves. After all, how hard could it be?

The first freshies that rolled out of our ovens were a misshapen mess that vaguely smelled of burnt plastic. However, we were determined to figure it out and through trial and error, we eventually found a winning combination of processes and ingredients and had a product that we were proud to sell to our customers.

Going All In!

The initial rollout was a huge success. People were loving our freshies and we were having a blast making something special for our customers. Not long after we sold our first homemade freshie, the word spread and other shops began asking if they could sell our freshies in their shops. As we started working with more and more shops we realized that our expertise and over 6 years of experience in the boutique and live sale markets set us apart from other freshie suppliers so we decided to risk it all and go all in to become a B2B freshie supplier.

The risk was sizeable and truly uncharted waters for everyone involved. But with great risk comes great reward and now Bug and Bean Freshies partners with dozens of boutiques and small businesses around the country, with thousands of freshies sold. 

We are exceptionally proud of what we have created so far but we know this is just the beginning. Join us in our journey by subscribing to our newsletter and receive a free live box on your first order or click the button below to schedule a live takeover!

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